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 I used to be one of those kids who never thought Chirashi (or Kaisen Don, in this case) was THAT worth the craze. I mean, it's really just a big ass sushi, let's face it.

Though I have to admit that I have relented, yielding to the fact that this 'big ass sushi' I picture in my head actually does offer more than what a piece of sushi does.

And so, I have fallen for the magic that the chirashi bowl brings -- a combination of chunky, fresh sashimi and roe, on a bed of fragrant japanese-style rice, both tasty on their own and together. You really can't yield such an effect from simply a big sushi, that is what I've come to consensus with.

The Teppei empire has birthed Teppei Syokudo, the DIY and extra convenient little outlet at the basement of Ion, ready for all. It's easy to miss since there are so many stalls downstairs, so look out!

Order form! Just pass this to the friendly chef behind the counter.
My order form looked like this! Medium is definitely just the right size. 

The marinate in a chirashi bowl really makes up 80% of the chirashi experience, and this one was pretty good! Big chunks of raw fish with the familiar sesame-shoyu flavour, yum. Though, I have to say that 3/4 into my bowl I felt my palate getting a little fishy. I hope this was just for that day but not their real standards!! 
Also, fun fact: I love raw squid and how the more you chew the more it melts into a sleek mush in your mouth... With soya sauce and wasabi it gets even better... The whelk was pretty fresh and crunchy too! Oh, I'm a big fan of aburi AND unagi so I couldn't resist. It was a decent two pieces so, no regrets!

The overall experience here was pretty good! I like how it's a casual, no-GST kind of place so you can just hop in with your friends for some quality chirashi and a chat, then head on home on a weekday (which is what I did). Also, the portions are good and the people are friendly. You can expect a mouthful of a 1:0.8 rice to fish ratio, which is pretty decent to me. It's definitely worth a try if you're undecided on dinner in Orchard -- which happens to everyone rather often I'm sure! 

 Teppei Syokudo

2 Orchard Turn
#B4-57 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801

Tel: +65 65099882

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