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Beef Burger (The name's probably wrong but its new!)
How can anyone resist a burger slouch like this?

The thing is, you've probably passed this place a couple hundred times walking in and out of 313 Somerset. Oriole sits with the few restaurants outside (the exit at Marche) beside Bedrock, with a row of wooden tables for outdoor seats that can't be missed.

I've been to Oriole twice now, once in October 2015 and more recently 2 weeks ago.

The first experience was a great one because 1) Their cold brew signature won us over 2) Their portions were definitely value for money 3) Food's good!

Taisho M.A.D Milk $8
Let's talk about coffee and me (I wasn't planning on rhyming). I was never a coffee person, partly because I grew up hating my Mum's instant coffee and the cups they serve at coffee shops just never appealed to me. This was until I was old and conscious enough (wow this was probably not until last year *awkward laugh*) to realise that the Americano my dad ordered during our first time at Artistry was pretty great. Bam, I don't mind ordering coffee now.
Now more about their cold brew signature, Taisho M.A.D Milk. "Subtle and delicate cold coffee" is how they describe it and I can't think of any phrase more apt. It enters your mouth luscious and milky, easing you into a tinge of acidity you get from coffee and a nutty aftertaste from its cold pressed ingredients. A sweeter version of this can be found at The Laneway Market. Oriole's wins though, honest. For people like me who don't usually order coffee, this is great for a start! Oh and fun fact, Oriole is the first cafe in Singapore to incorporate nut milk into coffee successfully!

Beef Cheek Tagliatelle $22
 The first thing on the menu that caught my eye was the Beef Cheek Tagliatelle *Beef lover alert*. As you can see, they were generous with the cheek chunks and pasta as well, making a pretty wholesome plate. The beef was slow braised in red wine and citrus and the pasta was served drizzled with shallot oil and mushrooms. It was good beef, I must commend, with the right taste and texture, falling apart easily. The tagliatelle was slightly hard in my opinion but overall this was a decent plate!

Fish and Chips $22
Fish and chips are definitely not what I would usually order but I'm glad my pal made the bolder decision. The battered fresh snapper fillets had a crisp and flavorful shell and by the way, don't let the picture fool you because damn those were two huge wraps. The fries were alright but the "salsa" was a refreshing good touch to the plate, balancing the heavy flavours. This was definitely good and I might even come back for more! (I'm the kind of person who wouldn't typically go to places twice by the way).

The second time we went, we decided to try different things. Also, we went on a cosy weekday and they had their Set Lunch promotion: $19 for mains on the Classics menu + coffee/tea. Add $6 for a Sticky date pudding! (I've never tried this so you can try your luck!)

Drinks: Taisho White $7
Top: I'll get back I promise
Bottom: Beef Burger 

The Taisho white kinda disappointed us since we had the best (M.A.D milk) the previous time. Nevertheless, it tasted decent and was served in huge cups. My pal ordered the wraps which were pretty flavorful, dotted with asian spices. The avocado spread and "salsa" were good complements with the dish and my pal quite liked the dish so that's a plus.
I also wouldn't typically order burgers unless they looked SUPER wholesome like this one! It didn't blow my mind but the beef (medium), melted cheese, caramelised onions and greens still made a mouthful of satisfaction!

Oh, also, as a person who plans my food-trips, I get really annoyed when websites don't place their menus or prices online. Rest assured that Oriole isn't one of those restaurants though! Here's the link to their website,  Oriole's site , it literally greets you with "click here to view our menu". How convenient! Oriole most definitely doesn't disappoint.

$ = $15-$25

Oriole Coffee + Bar
96 Somerset Road, #01-01, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites 
Singapore 238163
T: 6238 8348

Operating hours  
Grab and Go Counter: Daily, 8am - 5pm 
Sun to Thu, and Public Holidays, 10am - 11pm 
Fri, Sat and Eve of Public Holidays, 10am - midnight

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